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I think that there shall never be

 an ignoramus just like me

who roams the hills throughout the day

 to pick up rocks that do not pay.

For here's the thing, I've been told,

 I take the rocks and leave the gold.

 O'er deserts wild or mountains blue

 I search for rocks of varied hue.

 A hundred pounds or more I pack

 with blistered feet and aching back

and after this is said and done

 I can't name a single one.

 I pick up rocks where err I go

 the reason why I do not know.

 For rocks are found by fools like me

 where God intended them to be.

- Author unknown -






You can't find much better all around rock picking in all the U.P. Rocks from all over, including Canada, have piled up on Lake Superior.









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